Urban Anatomy

by Silence & Strength



Two tracks recorded in November 2006 in collaboration with Kenji Siratori. The sounds used in the compositions were sampled from different robotics in a hi-tech facility, which were then tweaked, rearranged, cut and distorted to provide the necessary cyber-industrial feel.

Kenji Siratori
Born March 13, 1975, in Chitose, Hokkaidō, Japan, Kenji Siratori is a cyberpunk author and internet self-promoter. He first gained attention in 2006 by writing to as many industrial, ambient, EBM and goth bands he could find, including "reviews" of them in his idiosyncratic style, and asking to collaborate. His scattergun approach proved successful, despite his reviews of non-sequitirs and non-sensical cyberspeak being interchangeable, and a slew of collaborations from flattered musicians were soon foisted upon the world.


released November 22, 2006

Kenji Siratori - voices
Stephan Friedman - synthesizer, field recordings, samples, effects

Cover photo by Sevil

Partially released, Track 2 appears on “Epidemic Animals II” released on Hypermodern (HMEX#08) 3 x CDr, Limited Edition



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Silence & Strength is a conceptual music project inspired by the occult, mystic, alchemical and esoteric themes. It's music is rooted in magic and ritual, creating a dark and otherworldly atmosphere. Interfusing noise, drone, glitch and experimental dark ambient Silence & Strength creates soundscapes in a highly structured and ceremonial way. ... more

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